Click Digital understands the importance of thoroughly vetting all of our candidates guaranteeing all will be fully screened prior to submission to our client’s Hiring Managers.

The screening we carry out as standard is outlined below:

Pre-Screen: To establish that the applicant is qualified for the role, interested in the role and the organisation and available to take on the post if successful.

Telephone Interview: Consultants refine the shortlist by interviewing the candidate against the requirements of the role and establishing whether the applicant has the competencies/knowledge of the applications/databases or methodologies required.

Technical Testing: Click Digital has access to a number of online testing providers, but we find working with our clients to prepare a tailored solution is far more valuable.

Face-to-Face Interview: Used as the final selection method to assess suitability of each candidate for the role applied to. The face-to-face interview also provides an opportunity for Click Digital to sell our clients as an ‘employer of choice’. We make all efforts to represent our client organisations, their brand, and their employee value proposition (covering culture, benefits, progression opportunities etc.) and will promote our client to all applicants.

Reference Checks: Click Digital are able to manage all pre-employment screening and referencing for permanent staff on behalf of our clients.



Additionally, as well as our capability to deliver technical resources, Click Digital would look to measure its quality of service formally with our clients through the following:

Monthly / Quarterly Reviews: With Client based on Click Digital’s performance and adherence to Service Level Agreements (SLAs). This process also provides us with an opportunity to share feedback such as the highlights and lowlights over the month.

Monthly Reporting: Click Digital will report on activity and ratios as a comparative measure against each preferred supplier.

Quality Questionnaires: Click Digital will issue Quality Questionnaires (QQs) to client personnel with responsibility for Click Digital’s placed candidates every six months or at the end of an assignment (whichever is sooner). This questionnaire requests the Line Manager to score the contractor and the Click Digital service across a number of performance criteria.

Contractor Surveys: Issued by the Account Team by email to Click Digital’s contractors, six weeks into their assignment, the Contractor Survey is a simple, quick and easy to complete questionnaire, asking them to rate their experience of Click Digital across a number of areas.